Get Active at the El Rey

Active Child is set to fan a spectrum of digital earthtones at the El Rey Theatre, in the heart of Miracle Mile, Saturday November 23rd, 2013.


Every club is a playground with Active Child.

When you listen to Active Child’s ambient layers, you’ll visualize LA’s twinkling city lights atop the Hollywood Hills–er–yeah, like something out of a Julius Shulman photograph. Or you’ll easily find yourself taking an audio tour of the Sistine Chapel with renaissance minimalism, lasers, and cavernous electropulses (take it from the robed monk doing the Da Vinci code on the dance floor). His downtempo beats will bring up M83 in your memory synapses.

The Show opens with JMSN and Lawrence Rothman. Active Child’s set will be fully loaded with string quartet, choir. and mythological arrows.

Check out his homepage for sample tunes.

Credits: The Arroyo Seco Journal, @ActiveChild